Teen Suicide

My opinion on Teen Suicide is that its a terrible thing to have in this world. While I was doing this project, I had three question that I always wanted to know.

Why Do so Many Teens Want to Kill Themselves?

They think that its the only way to escape from a problem that’s hard to face. In other words, they are Sad, Scared, and feeling Useless. I think its because they feel that there is no point of continuing life.

How Did They Kill Themselves? 

Well, its kinda scary and gross, but okay. Some of them are Cutting, Guns, Over dose of Pills and Drugs, or Knives. They do anything that’s dangerous.

What Can We Do to Prevent This?

Remain calm, if they want to talk to you about something, listen to them and see what they want to do. Help them in anyway you can. If their parents don’t know about the suicide, tell them right away.

What Is The Latest Progress?

I think they have some fundraiser on preventing the death or plans on it. People have been talking about teen suicide lately so they know what to know.


– Girls commit more suicide more than Boys.

-Ages 5-14 have the number of deaths up to 184.

-Ages 15-24 have the numbers of deaths up to 4,140.

-Every 2 hours, someone under the age of 25 commits  suicide. 


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